Today students weren’t so lucky, but in the future here is the district’s inclement weather protocol

(Casper, Wyo.) -Natrona County School District recognizes that school is an important part of community and family life. As a result, schools will be closed for inclement weather or natural disasters only when the community itself is unable to operate safely. Primary factors considered are adverse weather conditions and safe transportation of students and staff.

4th grade student at Ft. Caspar Academy, Kaitlin Trost, holds her cast of the foot of “Dopota the Dinosour!”

“Dopota the Diplodocus!” Ft. Caspar Academy student wins Name the Dinosaur Contest

(Casper,Wyo.) – In 1997 a complete articulated foot of a diplodocus dinosaur was found at what is now called the “Foot Site” by the Big Horn Basin Foundation. The quarry holds 3 diplodocus dinosaurs, two of which are sub adults and one is an adult. The site is still being actively excavated and is about 2 miles south of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center on the Warm Springs Ranch.