Reports of a Gun Prompted Tuesday’s NCHS Lockout

File photo, Oil City

Details have been released about a lockout at a Casper high school on Tuesday. Police saying that reports of a student with a gun prompted the lockout.

Casper Police Department says they were contacted Tuesday, September 12th, at around 3:10 pm by Natrona County High School.  Reports were made that a student outside the school possibly had a gun. CPD was told the student was in a vehicle and was possibly still in the vicinity of NCHS.

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According to a police statement, NCHS staff as a precautionary measure did a lockout to make sure all students and staff remained safe.

The lockout was announced by school officials via Facebook.

CPD located the vehicle and spoke to the occupants of the vehicle. No gun was found. CPD confirmed that they had no reason to believe there is any threat to the community.

Shortly after police cleared the scene, NCSD #1 announced the lockout had been lifted.