Reports of phone scam continue


The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office continues to recive reports of telephone calls relating to an ongoing telephone scam.

Sheriffs officials say that potential scammers are calling citizens of Natrona County and identifying themselves as Natrona County Sheriff’s Deputies or using fictitious deputies’ names. The individuals tell the citizen they missed jury duty and have an active warrant for their arrest.

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While they have the citizen on the telephone, they attempt to gather more personal information and request the citizen pay the warrant over the telephone. They request the citizen to go and purchase a prepaid type of card, such as a Green-Dot Card.

The suspects may want the citizen to stay on the phone with them while they go and purchase the card.

The scammer will then have the citizen scratch the back of the card to reveal the security code for that card and read them the code over the telephone. Once they have the security code, they are able to transfer the balance of the card to themselves.

The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public is reminding that they do not contact people with active warrants for their arrest and solicit money from them over the telephone.

The Natrona County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who may receive a telephone call concerning a warrant for their arrest, to not give out any financial or personal information, and end their conversation immediately.