Sweetwater County touts multiple drug arrests and seizures

Courtesy of the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office

The Sweetwater County Sheriff’s office has announced multiple arrests and the seizure of a significant amount of contraband, since the month of October.

According to a statement released on social media, the SCSO is claiming six felony drug arrests and the seizure of 650 pounds of marijuana. An amount that the organization claims would fetch a street value of over $3.3 million. Officials say that the seizure also included 640 individual TCH vaporizer cartridges, and 150 containers of THC wax, often called “dabs.”

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The SCSO also notes that methamphetamine and heroin were also part of the seizures, but did not disclose amounts.

Sweetwater Sheriff’s Office officials have released the names of the 6 arrests, that were made over the course of 4 traffic stops on I-80. All of the individuals arrested are identified as originating from outside of Wyoming, most of them coming from Indiana.

  • Kyle Bolton, 26, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Mack Magee, Jr., 61, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Antres Holliness-Ransom, 20, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • Daniel M. Hurtado, 36, Riverside, California
  • Oanh Trong Luong, 56, Sugar Hill, Georgia.
  • Jorge Carlos Villafuerte Paniagua, 29, San Diego, California

Sweetwater Sheriff Mike Lowell credits his agency’s special K9 teams with the arrests and seizures. “As much as I would like to recognize our canine deputies and their handlers by name,” he said on Tuesday, “we’ve been compelled to adopt a policy of not publicly naming individual deputies and their dogs in drug seizure cases due to threats made against officers and their canine partners elsewhere in the country.”

“Interstate 80 is a major, if not the major, east-west corridor across the United States,” Lowell said. “It extends from downtown San Francisco to very near New York City and is very heavily traveled. A typical traffic count for I-80 in Wyoming registers about 13,000 vehicles per day. It’s no surprise that drug traffickers use it extensively, and we will continue to be on the lookout for them.”