Citizen finds money, Casper police seek owner


[Note: Casper Police originally misidentified the finder of the money as a City employee. The Casper Police Department called Oil City and clarified this was an error. The original finder of the money was a citizen, who turned it in to officials.]

An citizen at the Hall of Justice found a significant amount of money on the steps outside of the building, and turned it in to the Casper Police Department.  Now, officers are looking for the rightful owners.

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According to Casper Police Detective John Hatcher says that the money was found on the front steps of the Hall of Justice, on David Street, during the 4:00 pm hour, on December 5th, 2017.

Hatcher said that the money was held together with a colored, metal paperclip.

Police are asking anyone who was in the area of the Hall of Justice, during the afternoon of December 5th, to come to the Hall of Justice front desk and claim the money. Interested persons will be asked to describe the paperclip and the amount of money.

Hatcher says that, given the holiday season when some people need money the most, they want to get the found money back to its rightful owner.