BACKSTORY-Found Photos Show Life In Early Casper

"Midwest Ave. from north window of our apt- 610 1/2 E. ?? - 2-4-22"

A group of found photos from a family photo album show pieces of Casper that seem completely foreign now. The photos were rescued by Survivor AC Dealers owner Reed Merschat.

Aside from the historic BNSF depot, most of the neighborhoods and buildings seem unrecognizable in today’s Casper.

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The pictures show everyday places and homes for people living and working in Casper in 1922. From the number of train related photos, it could be assumed the photographer worked in the railroad business. The Chicago Burlington and Quincy Railroads (CB&Q) built the depot in 1916.

Other pictures include what appears to be the intersection of 2nd and Midwest, parts of Durbin, and other areas around North Casper. Some pictures are labeled looking west from Capitol Hill area, which could be near or at the historic Bishop House on Second St.

Any information on the locations and/or family involved in these photos would be much appreciated.

“Ruth’s House, Casper (???) 2-5-22”

“CB&Q Depot, Casper 1922”
Now the BNSF office.

“Casper Business College, 1922”

“Refineries. Casper, 1922”

“Refineries. 1922”

“From Capitol Hill looking West. Jan. 15, 1922”
This might have been taken at or near the historic Bishop House at 818 E. Second.

“1st Casper. 1922”

“261 E. ??…2-5-22”

“North Durbin- CB&Q ??? Office. Jan. 14, 1922”

“North Durbin – Jan. 22, 1922”

“304 E. A Jan. 14, 1922”

“From Capitol Hill – Casper, Jan 15, 1922”

“257 East ?? Jan 22, 1922”

“The Platte at Casper- 1922”

“Casper 1922”
Appears to be a train

“CB&Q Wahsbay – Casper, 1922”

“610 1/2 E. Second – 3-17-22”